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Sort to display only 1 record instance, hide dupes

Question asked by arronman on Apr 22, 2013
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Sort to display only 1 record instance, hide dupes


     My database has multiple copies of some records to show repeat visits. Other records are not duplicated. I have tried using scripts via Filemaker Help, but can't get them to work. I have done one file manually, but I have another six files, two of which are large enough to be very tedious.

     I hope to be able to automate the process of identifying duplicate records so that I can create a separate, but related table of "shops" within the same file.

     To elaborate, the goal is to create a layout which displays the unique "shops", then a portal displaying data collected from separate "visits". There are already a lot of records with same shops, but visited on more than one occassion with different data results. I have successfully - with much help from Philmodjunk and also from Sorsbuster - created reports from the table which I will call "Visits" To do this I need to create the "Shops" Table as mentioned above.

     I hope that is clear enough for someone to offer me guidance!?