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    sort value list



      sort value list



      I use a value list, which takes data from a field. This is a text field which has the month and year in it (ex 01/15 12/14 11/14) 

      Everything works perfectly, I only would like to have the right order in my value list. right now the order is:
      08/14 (because there i started putting data)

      Can I change this? I read about a selection portal, but don't know what that is, how to create it or how it works... 

      thanx in advance

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          If this value list uses a single field as it's source of data, the second field can be used as an invisible "sort key" to get the order that you want. If not, a selection portal would be the better option--especially if you have FileMaker 13, were you can put such a control into a popover.

          See "Adventures in FileMaking #2 - Enhanced Value Selection" for working examples (and detailed explanations of how they work) of both options.

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            thx phil

            I checked adventures in FM. But if I use "use values of FieldA and FieldB", it shows both values in my value list. In your DB it only shows the value of FieldA even though you also use value of FieldB

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              ok I found out that you use the spaces trick for the 2nd field, and the spaces are invisible. 

              Unfortunately this does not work for me, because I want FM to add the new date, and then to sort it descending. So if I would use the space trick, it would still sort ascending, but i would need descending... 

              Do you also have a tutorial for a selection portal?


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                As I said in my last post: "if you only use values from one field". I then indicated that a selection portal--also demonstrated in several forms in that file may be the better option. A portal can be sorted in ways that a value list cannot be.

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                  I wish they'd integrate this functionality to sort value lists into a future FM version.

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                    You can sort value list in order by a calculation field.

                    If you have "order" number field to sort, make a calculation text field with UNICODE index as


                    Right (

                    Substitute ( 10^10 + order ;

                    [ "0" ; Char(8203) ] ;

                    [ "1" ; Char(8204) ] ;

                    [ "2" ; Char(8205) ] ;

                    [ "3" ; Char(8206) ] ;

                    [ "4" ; Char(8207) ] ;

                    [ "5" ; Char(8234) ] ;

                    [ "6" ; Char(8235) ] ;

                    [ "7" ; Char(8236) ] ;

                    [ "8" ; Char(8237) ] ;

                    [ "9" ; Char(8238) ]

                    ) ; 10


                    //this encode order as 10 digit invisible characters


                    Then use this as 2nd field of value list to sort.

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                      制御文字は環境によって豆腐が表示されたりしますし、Char ( 8236 ) = POP DIRECTIONAL FORMATTING (RLEやRLO等による文字方向に関する指示を元に戻す記号)を最後に付加しても文字方向が逆になったりして使えないですよ。

                      結局使えそうな文字は、Char ( 8203 ) = ZERO WIDTH SPACE (ゼロ幅空白)と Char ( 65279 ) = ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE (ゼロ幅のノーブレークスペース(=BOM))くらいなので、数字を二進数に変えて 0 と 1 を Char ( 8203 ) と Char ( 65279 ) に置き換えるのが良さそうです。

                      ただ、Char ( 8203 ) も重ねる文字数によっては、FileMaker Go で文字が欠けて表示されることがありますので、最後に Char ( 8196 ) = THREE-PER-EM SPACE (三分の一文字幅の空白)を加えてやる工夫が必要だったりします。

                      (iOS の環境設定のアクセシビリティで文字を大きくするとポップアップメニューで頭の文字が欠けて表示される)


                      参考 : Inside of My Brain : FileMaker でソート順フィールドを見せずにソートされた値一覧を作る方法(応用)

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                        I understand, you used the custom function: ZeroWidthCharAsBinaryNumeral ( 数 値 )

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                          I wrote only part of hiding sort order number in 2nd field.

                          If you need to show something as 2nd field, append


                          & Char(8236) & Char(8237) & valueFor2nd


                          will reset direction to LTR.

                          (If using in RTL language, use 8238 instead of 8237 may be same effect, but I don't have any experience in RTL language.)