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Sort visible objects in a table through a field

Question asked by BrianKnippa on Nov 14, 2014
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Sort visible objects in a table through a field



I have a table that is used to display information about different records. It currently displays certain fields that I told it to. I want the table to only show records that have a certain value in a certain field. 

Each record is "approved" by the owner of the document before being sent to the project lead for other key information. The project lead uses the table noted above to best schedule the assignment. But currently, every single record is shown in the table, approved or not. Is there some way to restrict the tables contents based on the approval field? I understand you can sort by the approval field, as it is included in the table, but I want to remove that field, as the project lead only needs to see the list of records that have already been approved.

If this request does not make any sense to you, I apologize. I just started using FileMaker Pro and cant quite describe what my needs are with full clarity. Hopefully the attached screenshot makes everything little more clear.

Thanks for any and all help!