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Sort within a (global) field

Question asked by lijnbach on Jan 5, 2015
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Sort within a (global) field


Hello everybody,

I use a checkbox to store the values chosen by the user. It is not complicated and it are just 4 values. (Concrete  -  Computer - Internet - E-book). The user can choose one value, more values or all values, whatever they like, in the pick order they like.

The chosen values are stored in a global field for later use.

Later on there is a search (using “Find” - “SetField” - “Perform Find”) based on values in the global field.

In the SetField is use “from - until”:

SetField [Location ; GetValue ( gField::MateriaI ; 1 ) & ".."  &  GetValue ( gField::Material ; ValueCount (gField::MateriaI ) )]

This is working properly only when the “sort order” within the global field is correct.

Is there a way to sort the values within the global field?

Thanks in advance,

Hans Lijnbach.