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    Sort within a repeating field



      Sort within a repeating field


           My database contains records for individual people.

           I do invoices on behalf of each person.

           Within each record are repeating fields where I add in when each persons invoices are due to be sent.  

           I would like to be able to sort within each record the repeating field so it shows to me in date order.


           Joe Blow record

               inside his record I have a repeating field of when his invoices are due out


           I would like it so the dates would be in correct date order.

           Thank you for your help.

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               Strongly recommend that you reconsider using repeating fields.

               Suggest instead that you have a related table set up - linked to your Contacts table with a unique ID:

               Contacts----------<Invoices (meaning one-to-many)

               Invoice::fkContactID = Contacts::pkContactID

               then your Invoices table will have data such as Inv Number, Date etc. and a portal on Contacts can display all invoices for that Contact in date order..