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    Sort won't stay



      Sort won't stay


      Why do I constantly have to re-sort my records?  In the dialogue box, I have checked the box which says "Keep records in sorted order," but that seems to do nothing.  I am just trying to sort alphabetically by one field; very simple.  But it won't "stick."  ??

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          Under what circumstances does it not "stick"?

          When you close and re-open the file? or close and re-open a window?

          Is the file hosted from another computer?

          In a hosted database, each user might specify a completely different sort order for a given layout and this order is not retained when you close the file.  If I remember correctly, it will return to either unsorted status or the order last specified when you had the file open on a local machine instead of as a client of the hosted copy.

          The option you describe is intended to keep the records in sorted order even while you edit the value of a field that is part of the specified sort order. This can result in records "jumping" to a new location when you commit the changes made to it--this is often confusing to the user--a newly modified record can completely vanish from view by jumping to a spot too high or too low in the list to be visible. It was the "hardwired" behavior of a found set in FileMaker 11, but the FMP engineers heard our complaints (screams?) and they now supply this check box so that we do not have to have our found sets behave in this way if we don't want it.

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            Thanks for responding, Phil.

            I now understand what you mean about checking that option. I get why many folks would not want that behavior. So, I now see that that option does not apply to my question.

            I just mean this: Let's say I am looking at All Records. I sort them. This is a database of companies, and now they are in alpha order by company name. Then I do a Find. The subset of records I am now looking at is now not sorted alphabetically. So I have to sort it.  I do.  I go back to All Records. They again are out of order, so I have to sort again. I close the file. Later I reopen it. I have to sort again to get it in alpha order.  I only EVER want it in alpha order by company. Period. I have only one criterion in the sorting dialog box. I never change it. Is there no way to have it ALWAYS sort alphabetically by company name (or some other criterion)? No other users or computers are involved.

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              Each time, you'll have to sort them again. This is how FileMaker is designed. Keep in mind that the desired sort order in other circumstances on other layouts/tables, such behavior would not be desirable.

              Best option is to script these changes so that the change in found set is followed by a sort records step to sort the records the way that you want them.

              A more extreme option is to keep your records "unsorted" order in the order that you prefer. To do this, you would sort the records into the desired order, export the records, delete all records from your table and then import them from whatever table or file you exported them to. The unsorted order of your records is now the same as your desired sorted order. The draw back here and it's a big one is that any time you modify the records in this table, you have to do the export/import all over again.

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                Thanks, Phil. Clicking the Sort button is becoming instinctive by now, so no big deal. I thought I was missing something.

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                  I use a small 'refresh' button scripted to sort etc.,

                  It only needs x1 click

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                    You can also use the onModeChange script trigger to perform a script to sort your records each time your layout exits find mode or each time that it enters Browse mode.