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sorted sequential ID for  Portal records (sorting)

Question asked by Born2Frag on Aug 17, 2010
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sorted sequential ID for  Portal records (sorting)



I have a portal in a layout. the records in the portal are sorted by say field1. There exist a column, field2 which is intended to have a sorted ID like, 300.01,300.02,300.03... . I have managed to create such Id's as records are inserted. However, if a record is insered somewhere in between some existing records, the sord is distorted becasue records are sorted over field1 not field2. Example of such a result after insert could be 300.01,300.02,300.33,300.02.

How can I regenerate these ID after possible inserts such that the newly generated IDs are sequentially sorted without actually doing sort over this field? Any posibilities of a script to fire when a "rearrange" button is pressed ...?