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Question asked by dougcummings on Nov 26, 2011
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I just started to use Filemaker. I have been using dBase for the last 25 years. However right away I have discovered a problem. I have one field which is important in my data files and it is absolutely imperitive that it be sortable in order. But Filemaker will only accept it if it is a number field. I want it so sort for both numbers and text as I often work with numbers have have text in them. They may start with a letter or letters in rare cases, or they may end in a letter or letters, or they may have a letter or letters in the middle of the number. Some examples would be 140F1340, 703C, DJ1401, etc. 

For some reason whoever wrote the Filemaker program never took this scenario into consideration. It worked fine with dBase. 

Another issue is foreign languages. I have not explored this one thoroughly but I notice that if I enter a word that has a foreign character in it, it leaves a space where that letter is. For instance ä just appears as a blank. Is this correctable? This symbol is created using alt+132. I have a lot of files that contain foreign words, usually when working with proper names or the names of cities, and other similar applications. 

If the items cannot be accomodated within the program, is there someone who can do some custom programming so that they can.