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Question asked by dmayembe on Oct 18, 2013
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     I have to track all the account which have a shipment status "Pending". I created a report however it would show all the account with shipped and pending shipment status. I created a button to select only those status are shipped. it was working fine till this morning. trying to clean up the database i messed it up.

     this is what i am looking for

     1. How to set the button script to select only "Pending" Status

      this was button script


     Go to Layout[“Pending Shipment”(Invoices)]

     If[“Invoices::Shipping Status=”Pending”]

     Sort Records[Restore,No dialog]  

     I know there is a mistake in it

     2. I do not want to use the the button to display the pending status. I would like it to be triggered once the report layout is accessed.