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           Can you please help, I have product created on a data base each product has a unique code and a roughing number that is used to place the product in order, I have created a button so that I can sort them in roughing number order can a formula be created so when I open the list they will always open in roughing order if this is posable how can I create the formula.

           Thank you for you help


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               You can create a script which you can set up to run when you open the file, is that what you are looking for?

               Typical script might be called 'OPEN' and need only consist of a single sort statement, just the same as your button.

               (But of course this script can also include a number of commands - you might want to open your table on a particular layout, for example.)

               Then you set this script to run on startup, which is set up slightly differently depending on your version.

               In FM11, Click on File | File Options  then click 'Perform Script' and select your script.