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Sorting and Summarizing by related record field...

Question asked by Woodzie on May 11, 2010
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Sorting and Summarizing by related record field...


Hi All, I'm working on a deployment data base to track the deployment of police officers in peacekeeping missions. Currently my challenge is creating a report that sorts records by Mission (such as Darfur), then Gender. I'm working with three related tables. A personnel table (containing gender info), a missions table (containing details on each mission, including mission acronym) and an experience table, which holds all the service information for each person as it relates to each mission.


I've been trying to create a summary record based on the acronym of each mission (e.g. UNAMID) so that I can ultimately produce a report that shows deployment by gender (in the personnel table) and totals.


Mission: UNAMID Male: XX Female: XX Total: XX


Mission: MONUA Male: XX Female: XX  Total: XX


However, I can't seem to retrieve the mission acronym info.


Using Filemaker Pro 11 on Windows XP.


Thanks in advance.