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sorting by content of a summary field

Question asked by KBGF75 on Mar 29, 2012
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sorting by content of a summary field


I have tried to sort records according to the contents of a “Summary” field. That appears not possible.

My FMP9 file has two relevant tables: Contacts and Donations.  Each contact record may have multiple related donation records.  The sum of all donations by a specified contact is shown in the “donation_summary” field.  The field type is Summary. The donation_summary field is present in both Contacts and Donations layouts, and the data shown are correct.

However, I now realize I am not able to sort a found set of Contacts records (or Donations records) by the contents of the donation_summary field, which is grayed-out in the list of sort options. Is there any workaround here? Maybe use a Calculation-type field to get the sum of a contact’s donations?