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    Sorting calculation fields in a portal



      Sorting calculation fields in a portal


           I am finding that while the portal sort works fine when it is first displayed, it does not re-sort when a value is changed.

           I have three tables, Table A, Table B and a join table that links A and B using unique identifier codes. In the join table I have two calculation fields which link to two fields in Table B: a text field containing a name and a numerical field containing a sort code. I have a portal in the Table A layout which is sorted by the two calculation fields - the sort code in descending order and the name field in ascending order.

           As I say it sorts fine at first but if I go into the portal and change the value of the sort code - the portal displays the values from Table B - the portal does not re-sort based on the changed sort code.

           Is this how FileMaker 12 works or am I missing something here ?

           I am working on Mac. And I have tried setting the sort either the relationship or in the portal itself.

           Many thanks for any help !