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Sorting change?

Question asked by flybynight on Jan 9, 2009
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Sorting change?


We jumped from v6 to v9, so this change probably happened with the v7 file format changes, but anyway...

 I have a customer db that we access via a drop-down lookup. The lookup pulls a calc filed from the customer list that is something like:

Company_Name & " - " & Cust_First_Name & " " & Cust_Last_Name

To give you a list that looks like

Henry's Hardware Store - John Doe


For come customers, we have many contacts who might order from us. I have some customers who have many contacts, but 95% of the jobs come from one primary contact. So, for that contact, I added " 1" at the end of the company name: "Henry's Hardware Store 1". That way, when I started typing the first few letters of the company, the main contact was selected first.

Since we changed to v9, the records with " 1" added  to them alphabetize to the end of that customer in the list, rather than in the beginning. So, now I have type "Henr" to get to "Henry's Hardware Store" in the list, but I have to scroll or arrow down to the last record in the list rather than it coming up first.

If possible, I'd rather not modify the name fields to do this, but I am OK with adding something to company field. Is there a fix that will get me back to the old behavior?