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    Sorting in List View



      Sorting in List View



           I am trying to figure out the best way to sort data in List View. I have a table similar to the one in the screenshot attached.

           I would like to be able to show (in list view) groupings of records based on the Parent ID's.


           Level 1

               Task 1-1

               Task 1-2

               Task 1-3

           Now, the names of the tasks have been simplified (I can't sort by them at all). What's the easiest way to sort this data?

           The only solution I could come up with was to sort the table and create another key that would be generated everytime a task was added.




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               What you show appears to be table view, not list view.

               List View, with a sub summary layout part would appear to be the better option, but you need a field where all records of the same group have the same value so that sorting can be used to arrange the records into groups with a level sub header displayed in a sub summary layout part.

               Thus a Task Field would have a value, ideally a serial number value that identifies all records for the same task. And then you need a Level field with a value that identifies all records of the same Level.

               Sort you records by task, then by level and you'll get records grouped by taks and sub-grouped by level. Sub Summary layout parts can be used to show a sub header for each task and with in that task, a second sub summary layout part can show the levels within that task.