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Sorting issues

Question asked by NamkitLee on Jun 10, 2015
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Sorting issues


Hi, I am writing to ask for any ways to perform sorting under the below conditions:

I want to use a button/script to perform the sorting according to the codes of all records where the codes are combining both English characters and numbers and i wish to sort by the numbers instead of the Alphabets.

for example, I have the codes J150401,J150402,P150401,P150402, if i use the sorting function according to "codes", the system will sort them according to the alphabet then numbers, so the result sequence would be J150401,J150402,P150401, J150402. how about if i want to sort it according to number first? i wish to have the result like: J150401,P150401,J150402,P150402...

Do i need a script or just a simple button can solve it? or any possible alternatives? thx