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Sorting items in a report

Question asked by SteveMartino on May 8, 2013
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Sorting items in a report


     Hello Forum, and of course Mr. Phil.  I have a report in which I cannot figure out how to sort.  Please have a look

     To make sense of what your looking out, these are nozzles for heating oil burners.  I need it to look like this:

     Nozzle Brand (Delavan), then nozzle size.  Sorting the nozzle size is the problem. 

     The nozzle has 3 components--

     1.  Pattern (A, B, W)

     2.  GPH ( Gallons per hour, number before the "X".  Can range from .45 to 4.50)

     3.  Spray angle (number after the "X".  Can range from 30 to 90. 

     The Brand is in one field, and the Nozzle is in a separate field with all 3 components together.

     For Example:

     1.25 X 80B is a 1.25 gph, 80 degree spray angle, "B" pattern.



     They sort the way you see them, but I would like them to sort like this (if at all possible):  See second post for second screen shot.

     I don't know if I have to break the nozzle into 3 fields, (probably easiest) or if I can script to sort.  (beyond my abilities in my learn one, make one, use one database.

     Sorry for the long post..