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Sorting on Key Value

Question asked by wacole1213 on Jul 23, 2015
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Sorting on Key Value


I have two databases for which I have defined a relationship.  Database 1 is related to Database 2 via a key field, bp_trstop_placekey.  The key field is set as an automatically assigned sequential number.  Database 1 contains a list of place names along with the automatically generated key.  Database 2 [in this case stops on a route] displays a place name selected from a drop-down menu which is a Value List defined by Database 1.

The fields are placed one on top of the other as shown.

Problem: When I sort DB2 the sort is in order by the Key field bp_trstop_placekey.  What I want is to sort DB2 so that the order is in that of the related field bp_placename_index; an alphabetic list of related placenames.  I can't figure out how to do this.

I use this field-on-top-of-field method so that when making a change to the value of the place name, bp_placename_index, that change propagates to all other instances of the place name in the system.

Thank you very much for any advice that you may offer.