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    Sorting on Key Value



      Sorting on Key Value


      I have two databases for which I have defined a relationship.  Database 1 is related to Database 2 via a key field, bp_trstop_placekey.  The key field is set as an automatically assigned sequential number.  Database 1 contains a list of place names along with the automatically generated key.  Database 2 [in this case stops on a route] displays a place name selected from a drop-down menu which is a Value List defined by Database 1.

      The fields are placed one on top of the other as shown.

      Problem: When I sort DB2 the sort is in order by the Key field bp_trstop_placekey.  What I want is to sort DB2 so that the order is in that of the related field bp_placename_index; an alphabetic list of related placenames.  I can't figure out how to do this.

      I use this field-on-top-of-field method so that when making a change to the value of the place name, bp_placename_index, that change propagates to all other instances of the place name in the system.

      Thank you very much for any advice that you may offer.


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          Do you mean that you want the values in your value list to be in this order? It doesn't seem that you are actually sorting the database.

          If I have that correct, is bp_placename_index the second field of your drop down list's value list? If so, you can sort on it instead of the Key field value. If not, then you cannot. Value lists that display values from a field are only shown in ascending order--with the values of either the first or second field specified as the "sort" field.

          To get a different order would require using a different value selection method such as a selection portal placed inside a popover.