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    Sorting portal records



      Sorting portal records


           Hello everyone.  I have a portal on a layout that sorts by Date in decending order (most recent on top), which is fine.  But, it puts the next blank line at the bottom.  So when I tab into the portal to enter a new related record, it's set up to tab into the right spot, but once I have a record with 10 or more entries, I cant see the the previous record, as I enter the newest record.

           I guess what I'm asking, is there a way to sort a portal in decending order, but have the next blank line appear at the top?

           Any guidance is greatly appreciated.



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               Put an Add button on your layout that performs a script that creates a new portal record and (if not already auto-entered) adds the desired date.

               This will create a new blank record at the top of your portal and you can remove the "allow creation..." option from the portal's relationship.