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    sorting pulled fields from external db file



      sorting pulled fields from external db file


      I have:



      I'm using the remote "categories" rows inside of the main "projects" database. I can successfully see a checkbox group made up of categories on every projects records.

      I also have a "ratings" field on every category entry. I'd like to be able to sort the imported category like:

      outside jobs : 1

      inside jobs: 3

      wife: 5


      So far, filemaker is only sorting alphanumerically. I've set Define Database>Relationships>[clicked on the equal sign between two tables]>Edit Relationship>Sort Records: Sort on Priority field. This does not work.

      I'd rather not hardcode 01,02,03 into the categories, because I'd like the calculation ability later down the pipe.

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          Value lists only sort alphabetically. Comment posted a trick that works for fairly small numbers of values in your value list.

          Add a calculation field that returns space characters equal to the "rating" value:

          Substitute ( 10^Rating - 1 ; "9" ; " " )

          Make this field the second column value in your value list and specify sorting on the second column.