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    Sorting Record List



      Sorting Record List


      I have created a multiple table database, which started as the Contact Managment template. No matter what i have tried, i cant get the New Created record lists to sort like the included contact managment list does.I have coppied the hilight container,  created all the chighlight fields, gsort field, and modified the code to match the new table.  It ends up sorting, but the green icons dont show up.  Is there a tutorial which outlines this?  THANKS!



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          Which layout are you using as the model for your layout? To what "list" in that layout are you referring?

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            Look at the Task Managment database for example.  (The Record List - Projects),  As well as the record lists for Tasks and Contacts.

            I have added another Table & Record list to this database.  "SalesReps" 

            I cant get the sorting to work like it does on the three existing Record Lists, with the green icons that change, and multiple click (assending and desending).   I have tried to reverse engeneer it multiple times, but keep coming up with a non working result.

            I figured that since most of the default databases include this same method, that hopefully there was a tutorial or someone may have an idea.


            thanks for the help!

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              Looking at the task management solution and the Record - List Projects menu, I see a layout designed for list view.

              There is an invisible button on top of each column label that performs a script. The script checks the contents of a global field to determine whether to sort the records in ascending order, descending order or a value list specified order. The script updates the global field at the same time that is sorts the records so that the script "toggles" the sort order between two different orders based on the same field.

              There's a calculation field placed next to the column headers that's set to return a container data type. The calculation fields use the value in the same global field as referenced/updated by the script to select a particular repetition of a repeating container field in order to display the appropriate graphic to show the user the current sort order.

              How much of that have you been able to reverse engineer?

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                  I think I am good to go on the actual sorting.  I cannot get the icons to appear.  In design mode they show up as boxes but as soon as I exit the layout there is nothing.  It appears they are tied to a specific Hilite Field.  It then appears that this field has the calculation which points to the container.   Perhaps when I copy and paste the container it does not retain the images?
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                  How are you copy and pasting? are you copying from Manage | Database | Fields? Or are you trying to copy and paste the field from a layout? The second method won't work at all as that copies the edit box and not the field with which it is associated. The first method will create the field definition, but the data in the field (your images) will not be copied. You'll need to either find or create a layout that displays all the images (they use a repeating field where each repetition stores a different image) so you can enter browse mode and copy/paste the images one image at a time or you'll need to use import records to import the images.

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                      I was copying from the Manage database fields.  So do I need to create a new container in the new table. Then extract the old images 1 by 1 and put them into the new created container?  Or as you mentioned to create a new container and import the records "images".