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    Sorting Records



      Sorting Records


      Hi Everyone,


      I have a database that I use for sales, I have created a button to sort my sales lead in order of progress level based upon a percentage that I have given each lead.


      When ever I click this button, it pops up the "Sort Record" box and asks me how I want to sort it. Is there any way for it to automatically sort it by the "Progress Level" in decending order automatically?



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          There's a "no dialog" option that will go ahead and sort the records as specified without asking you each time.


          If you have a button with a single "sort" script step:


          Enter layout mode and double click the button to bring up the button set up dialog.

          With The "Sort" option selected, click the specify button to specify your what fields you want in your sort.

          Click the perform with out dialog check box to keep the sort dialog from appearing every time you click the button.


          If it's part of a script:

          Open the script in the Script editor and click the sort script step.

          You'll find you have a button for specifying the sort order and a perform with out dialog check box.

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            I LOVE this forum. VERY HELPFUL!!!


            Thank you