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    Sorting records into groups



      Sorting records into groups



      My database manages attendees at camp for teens.  I need to breakdown all the attendees into groups of 7 or 8 and mix them up so there’s even distribution of boys and girls, a good mix of ages and ensure that people from the same places aren’t likely to be in the same group.

      Is it possible to create a script, or some other type of sorting mechanism, that will create randomised lists based on this criteria?  If so, how would I start constructing it – for example, what functions should I look into?

      Many thanks.

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          You'll have to decide what you really want here. "Mixing them up so that there's an even distribution..." is not a randomised list, it's a list structured according to very specific and complex criteria.

          A purely randomized list is quite simple to do in FileMaker if you use the random function to assign a random number to each record, you can sort your records on that field to get a random order.

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            My apologies, poor choice of wording.  The big part I’m having trouble getting to grips with is can you get output from Filemaker to put records in groupings of a specific number?  So produce a script to say “sort records by this criteria” then . . . . ?  Can you create a script that will say for every X number of records write a particular field, then sort by that field to get a list of names?

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              Yes it is possible, might not need anything more than a replace field contents operation with a calculation that works like this:

              Ceiling ( Get ( RecordNumber ) / 5 )

              This would put a 1 into a field of the first 5 records, a 2 into the next five, 3 into the next five and so forth....

              The functions that I am using can be looked up in FileMaker help if they are unfamiliar.