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Sorting Records with a button

Question asked by Terri on Apr 8, 2010
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Sorting Records with a button



I am using FMP 9


I currently have a database that has 30 records. Record 1, record 2, record 3.....record 30.


Each of these records has 5 fields - Record Number, Record Name, Date, Price, Age.


My layout is in column form.


This is an example of what I want to happen:


Change Record 5 to Record 1 and Record 1 to Record 5. Only change the record number but keep all the corresponding info. Then....sort the records so that the new Record 1 (formally record 5) is now the first record (in other words, the records fall back into order but the info for the records that I have renumbered stay with its corresponding record).


Any way? Any one?


I have tried to make my explanation as simplistic as I can. Hopefully not too much.