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Sorting records with blanks at the end issue

Question asked by KristofferDystheBilek on Apr 25, 2014
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Sorting records with blanks at the end issue


     I've added a calculation field called "IncomeEmpty" to my table and specified it with this calculation: 

If ( IsEmpty ( SalesIncome ) ; "1" ; SalesIncome )

     If I now sort my records first by IncomeEmpty (Ascending) then SalesIncome (Ascending) it works fine. The blanks are moved to the end of the table and the records are sorted by SalesIncome in ascending order.

     Though I want the records to be sorted by SalesIncome in descending order still with blanks at the end. If I change the sort option for SalesIncome to descending, the blanks are back at the front again. How can I fix this issue?