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Sorting records, after sorting records.

Question asked by SteveMartino on Apr 9, 2013
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Sorting records, after sorting records.


     Hello Forum, long time no post, all of your help has been great!  But now that things are slowing down, I'm trying to tweek a few things, so please pardon my newbie-ness, and lack of proper terminology.

     The dilemma- One of the things I use my FM (Pro 12) database to search for is who needs a delivery.  Based on my entered parameters, it gives me a list, which I can sort many ways.  However, for delivery routing, I would like to create a small box so when I look over the list, I can enter a number.  Then sort by that number to put the deliveries in the numbered order.  Of course the next time I enter this layout, I would lilke the numbers to disappear, so I can start over.

     Any thoughts or help are always greatly appreciated.