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    Sorting Related Tables



      Sorting Related Tables


        When a Table A is sorted using FIND, is there any

      way to also have other related tables show just the

      same Index records as Table A ?  The other tables do

      not have all of the fields for the FIND sort as does Table A.

        There are only 2 other related tables.  Would it be possible

      to created duplicate empty tables for the other 2 tables and

      fill them only with the records that have the Index values of

      Table A ?  Using Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced.

        Thanks for your help.  CountryBoy1


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             ?? Please use real names instead of abstract names. I have no idea what you mean by a find sort.
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               Almost sounds like you're using different layouts, based on on different tables, and you want to see the related fields in the same sort order when you move between layouts.  You'll need a script, with the Go To Related Records and Sort commands, to move between the layouts and have them sorted.
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              Dear Etropoli:

                   Yes, each table (layout view) is a separate table but they are related through the Index number.   Some of the

               fields used to do the FIND sort in Table A don't exist in the other tables. I suppose I could duplicate the fields

               used in Table A into the other related tables.  Then they would have the same fields and I could do a FIND mode

               sort for each table.  However I don't want to do that.  It seems like there ought to be some way that the found
               records in one table can cause only the same related records to appear in a related table.

                    Not sure I understand your technique but will try it as my schedule allows.  Thanks for your help. CountryBoy1






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                   If you use a button with a single find command or script associated with it (to do the find & sort), you can perform finds & sorts based on fields in related tables that don't have fields on the current layout. 
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                  Dear Etripoli:

                      Finally got back to my programming.  Tried the "Go to Related Record" function (which I had never used before) and

                   was able to get the related records from other tables.  Quite pleased.  However I have three windows open, each

                   with a different table/layout .  I was hoping that the related records from the other two tables would appear back

                   in their own window but it uses the current window (the table that has the FIND sort), and changes the table/layout

                   to show the related records.  So to see all three tables with related records, I tell the function to open a new window

                   when it is called for each related table.


                      I have marked your suggestion as the solution.   Thanks much. CountryBoy1