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Sorting slow in script using Filemaker 12

Question asked by Kj on Oct 5, 2012
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Sorting slow in script using Filemaker 12



     Note, this is not a fmp 12 issue. I just re-did this in 11 and it is the same. Converted to Filemaker 12 1 week ago. Made a new script and summary report for db. Here are the details:

     Created new table in db to hold field for summary report.


     Go to layout New Summary Table, show all records, Delete all records. (records are imported daily so always need to update for report).

     Go to parent layout, show all records.

     Import field A from parent into Summary field. Import Field B from parent into Summary field.Import field C from parent into Summary field. (Since I need a summary of the values from three separate fields cannot do from parent. Needed this method).

     Go to layout Summary Totals, show all records. Sort records by subsummary field.

     This sort takes 8 minutes! However, if I show all records and sort records from the fmp menu the sort takes a couple of seconds. 


     Thank you.