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sorting value list based on field values

Question asked by johnhorner on Feb 26, 2010
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sorting value list based on field values


i have a set of records which contains a number formatted "year" field.  i also have a global "year_G" field that i use to filter related records for any given year i enter into it.  to make the process of filtering a little mroe streamlined, i made a value list based on the contents of the "year" field, which i could use as a pop-up menu from which i could select from the existing values (as opposed to manually tying in a year).  this works fine, except that i would like the current year to appear at the top of the list rather than at the bottom.  i have sorted the relationship in descending order based on "year" but it doe snot change the order in which this value list displays.  is there a way to fix this or another simple way to generate a value list that would contain only existing "year" values and sort in descending order?  any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.