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    Sorting Value Lists made by 'From Field'



      Sorting Value Lists made by 'From Field'


      I have created a repeating field in a developer table that is modified by the user to create a value list.

      The reason for this is that I want a clear interface for creating a value list where the user does not have to manage records (ie not create or delete). This VL has no scripting associated with them but the one down side is that Filemaker sorts these value lists alphabetically.

      Is there a way to get the value lists to sort in the order that they were entered in the repeating field?


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          Hi Reuben,

          Value lists always sort ascending alpha-numerically.  Why shy from creating records?  If you use repetitions then you will be limited.  And what if they wish to then include a second field with that value list?  You will have to change your process anyway. 

          A list layout is just as easy to use (or even a portal).   Your idea is nice but repetitions aren't the best choice here.  :^)

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            Thanks for that, The reason I want to use repetitions is to limit the number of options. It is to be mainly used in Radio button sets and if there are too many they will not be viewable in the layouts

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              If you have room for up to 5 radio button values, manage your values on a layouat with a portal that has 5 portal rows and no scroll bar.

              It is possible, for small numbers of values in a value list to specify a sort order if you use some slight of hand.

              Say you add a number field with small numeric values (say 100 or less) where you specify the order you want for your values. Let's call this field "sortkey". Then a second calculation field: cSortOrder can be defined as this:

              Substitute ( 10^SortKey - 1 ; "9" ; " " )

              Select Text as the return type.

              Then, in your value list setup, specify cSortOrder can be specified as the "also display values from second field". And then you specify that the values be sorted by this second field filled with invisible space characters.

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                Thanks for that option Phil, I will try it as soon as I have a bit of head space (got a few bigger things to deal with first).

                Then I will report back

                I forgot to mention that using repetitions to create value lists was a tip I got off Andy and Lee from Filemaker Success tips pod cast