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Question asked by willrollo on Sep 7, 2011
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I have a small problem with my filtering etc. If you see my attachement then this may be a little clearer. What I want to end up with is  a system where the user can click on the buttons labelled All sales, quotes, orders etc, which will filter the records below to only show records that the 'order type' field displays the relevent information (Anything, Sale, order, invoice - not worrying about the open/closed invoices or credits at this juncture). Once these records have been filtered, I would like some way for the user the then click on any of the titels to then sort the displayed results. For the 'Date created' I would like some sort of toggle command with an  up/down arrow showing to the right of were it says 'date created' ( i have the graphics for the arrow), so that the user can sort the results from the filtered records by 'date created'. And the job number by number, the Name, by surname or company name (alphabetically), status alphabetically to (the reuslts will be open, confirmed, closed etc).

I  am aware that I have supopied not a lot of information so do ask any thing rewuired. The Layout is called sales list, the table is Invoices. Ignore the buttons at the top! (Contacts, sales purchases etc)