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Sound when find comes up "empty"

Question asked by SethPoppel on Dec 28, 2014
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Sound when find comes up "empty"


I recently upgraded my Mac OS and also upgraded my Filemaker Pro Advanced to 11.0.v4

Previously when I would do a find for one of my databases, and there were No matching records I would get an audible sound (which allowed me to keep focusing on another page and realize that my find request had come up empty.)  With the upgrade, all has gone well BUT that audible sound on a Find without records has disappeared.  I have checked my Mac Sound Systems preferences and they are playing sounds through my line out external speakers (which is the way it was set up previously.)  All other sounds seem to be functional so I cannot find anything within Filemaker Pro Preferences etc., to get this back the way I had it before the upgrade.

Any and all ideas will be appreciated (and tried).  Thank you!