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Source fields duplicated during import field mapping

Question asked by WesZeger on Jan 15, 2011
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Source fields duplicated during import field mapping


I am importing fields from a PostgreSQL database using the Actual Open Source Databases ODBC driver.  I have been having problems with, seemingly random, duplication of some tables during import.  I have had to delete, re-create, and re-import several times, and during this last time, noticed what I am hoping the problem is, but was not sure how to fix it.  The following 3 screenshots probably better explain things better than any text.

What I cannot figure is why the "deleted_yn" and the "Feedback_viewed" fields were duplicated, when clearly in the SQL query they were not.

I realize there are no found/destination fields in the final image, in the past, when I created a new table with the import process, identical fields to match the source fields were created.  For those 1st two duplicated, the destination fields were differentiated by a leading "underscore".  My thought is to hand enter fields in a new table and manually match them, such that one of the duplicated field sets will be unmatched.    Sorry if this is clear as mud.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  I am not sure if this is an actual source issue or filemaker fix.