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    space between lines in print layout



      space between lines in print layout



      I have created a layout to print but there is a lot of white space between the lines. I used already lettersiz 6 pt but how do i make the with space between the lines smaller. It is now almost the same size as the textline.

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          Set the font size to a size that works for you. Is this a list view layout?

          If so, enter layout mode and use the mouse to drag the bottom boundary of the body up as far as it will go to reduce the white space between the bottom object of one record and the start of the next. You may also have space between the upper most field and the bottom of the header that you need to remove. You can select all the objects in the body and move them up, then drag the bottom of the body up yet again to remove this space.

          Note that selected objects can be "nudged" one pixel at a time by pressing the arrow keys--so this can be a useful way to move layout objects more precisely.