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Special Age Calculation - two fields

Question asked by AmandaSciandra on May 16, 2015
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Special Age Calculation - two fields


Brand new to FM, I apologize if this is somewhat of a duplicate- I found a thread that was pretty darn close to what I need, but I'm not knowledgable enough in calculation formulas to edit it successfully to my needs. 

1) Calculate Age by December 31 of current year.

2) Use above Age by year calculation to determine a series of eligibilities - note some ages have multiple eligibilities separated by a comma. I'm not picky on how it's displayed, just that it is displayed. 

Age 7 - TOPs7

Age 8 - TOPs 8

Age 9 - TOPs 9

Age 10 - TOPs 10, Hopes

Age 11 - Hopes, Junior Elite