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Special kind of "other..."

Question asked by trizko on Feb 2, 2010
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Special kind of "other..."


I do not want a value list to be edited, so I left another value in the list called "other" so that I may review them before they are added to the value list and do a replace field contents in order to capture that data correctly. the problem with using "other" is that two or more different users would use the "other" value for two or more different values and that makes the replace field contents function useless when a lot of "other" values have been entered by different users for different values.


My idea is to place, say, 3 or more greek alphabet characters(alpha, beta, omega, etc...) in the value list.


When one of the greek characters is selected a new window will popup with a demand to enter in a value for that character.


the value gets stored for that character globally.


On the layout, next to the drop down menu that contains the value list, displays the list greek characters along with what value has already been assigned to them.


How can this be accomplished?