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    Special Query



      Special Query


           I would like to make a list of all of the artists' names in our collection (in our filemaker db), however if we have multiple pieces by a specific artist, I DO NOT want their name repeated 10 times on that list.


           Is there a command or script or a something that will allow me to do this?

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               In what format do you need that list?

               A value list based on this name field will list all names a single time. And ValueListItems can be used to pull that list into a single text field if that is of value.

               A summary report can be created with one sub summary part and the body layout part removed. Put the name field in the sub summary part and sort by name (or corresponding ID). Just be sure to sort by the field specified as the "when sorted by" field in the sub summary part's set up. (This layout will appear blank in browse mode until you correctly sort the records.)

               ExecuteSQL can be used to also list the names in a single field if you use the DISTINCT keyword.

               Or you can create a table with one record for each artist. You can set a "unique values, validate always" validation on the name field and import all the records from your existing table into this new table and the validation rule will filter out the duplicates.