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Special Sort

Question asked by FileMakerNovice on Feb 5, 2013
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Special Sort



     I have a question relating to sorting in a "report".(Essentially a layout in list view.)  I have a grade that I'd like to display the top 10% of employees followed by their rank in their corresponding "bucket".  

     Let's say there are 10 employees.  The top 10% would be just one employee.  He would be ranked #1.  The remaining employees would be categorized into 3 buckets.(A, B and C)  This would not always be in ABC order.  Sometimes it would be BCA order or CAB or ABC.  This order would change every 6 months.  So:
     Name     Grade   Bucket
     John        100         A
     Karen       90          A
     Bob           98         A
     James      99         A
     Jim            70         B
     Jay            80         B
     Liz             99         B
     Kay            98         C
     Brian         50         C
     Jane          99         C

     In CAB: