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Specific fields for export

Question asked by ryanserra on May 14, 2014
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Specific fields for export


     I am trying to create a script that will export certain selected fields.  I have created a separate table to hold which fields will be included/excluded from the export (yes or no values).  The problem I'm having is, I can't seem to find any documentation about how to do this.  I could create 100 different layouts for every possible variation but that would be ridiculous.

     For example:

                    ID                     Part                     Subpart                     UPC                     Subnumbers
                    1                     2433                     62363                     81...                     9512947, 917497...

     I may want to only export ID, Part, and Subpart but at other times Part, UPC... and so on.  The tables I work with have many columns and I would like to make this simple for the end user.

     There must be some simple solution that I am just not aware of.