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    Specific Find Script



      Specific Find Script


      If i have a number of fields in a layout that have similar data (i.e. Name1, Name2, Name 3 etc), and i want to search each time a certain name was entered into one of these fields, how do i set that up in a script?  I originally set it up as field 1 or field 2 or field 3 = "John", but that didn't work.  Any ideas?


      I'm working on filemakerpro 11



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          Do you want to find a record that has it in any of the fields?


          If so you can try

          Enter Find Mode

          Set Field [Field1;searchstring]

          New/ Record Request

          Set Field [Field2; Searchstring]

          New/Record  Rquest

          Set Field [Field3; Searchstring

          Perform Find


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            Also, typically when dealing with a structure where you have like fields such as Name1, Name2, Name3 is indicative of poor structure. Instead you should use a related table with each name being its own record.

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              Ok.  How would i go about setting that up?  Do i need to use a portal?  I've had trouble getting the hang of 'related fields' and 'portals'.  Would you be able to refer me to any good guides or tutorials in order to set that up? I kind of knew that my structure wasn't quite right, yet i just haven't been able to figure out the portals/related fields.


              thanks in advance for your help.  it is greatly appreciated!

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                The initial tutorials / guides that come with the system and the documentation from the website shoudl be a good start. Picking up a book such as the Missing Manual would help as well.


                You will also want to read up about data normalization.


                Once you have those in a seperate related table, you should be able to find things easier.