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Specific portal row in script?

Question asked by johnkmanchester on Mar 11, 2010
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Specific portal row in script?


Just upgraded to FM 11 on a MacBook. I have used the Tab Control tool to create a tab in a layout showing the table "Cd Production" on which I've placed a portal to display records from "Track Databate,"  including a field, "Composer." I've placed a button which appears in each row of the portal which goes to a third table "Composers" (on another layout); allows me to create a new record including a "name field." It copies the name, then returns to the portal where it pastes the name in the correct field.  It all works, except that it always pastes into the first portal row.  I want it to paste into the portal row from which I started, i.e. where I pressed the button. 


I tried various solutions involving "Set Field," "Go to portal row," but frankly I'm lost. Any idea of how to do it?