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    Specify a browser?



      Specify a browser?


      Using open url, I can open a website in a browser. Is there a way to specify what browswer is used? I have firefox set as my default so it opens in firefox. There are a few sites that require IE. I would like to write a script to open a web site in explorer and keep firefox as my defalt browser. Possible?

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          From FM Help:

          Note  FileMaker Pro uses the preferences stored in the Windows system file URL.DLL to determine the application to handle the URL. The URL is then passed to ShellExecute for execution.
          Mac OS:
          If the user has configured the internet system preferences, this script step allows the user to opena URL. Open URLsupports http, https, ldap, ldaps, ftp, file, and mailto URL types, using the applications specified in either the control panel or system preferences. For example, if the URL starts with http, FileMaker Pro opens the user's web browser and processes the URL.
          So I think you're out of luck.
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            Hmmm, haven't tried this, but wonder if send event could be used to pass the URL to a specified browser app so that the app launches and then opens to the specified URL...