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    Specify Fields Value List



      Specify Fields Value List


      I just discovered that you have to specify the ID in the first column and then the name on the second, I wanted to just have the name appear, It wouldn't work am I doing something wrong or is that the way it works..


      I have a portal setup to show records from a different layout/table I cant just ( in the drop down ) show the name of what I am trying to show it seems like you have to use the ID in the first column and the name of what you want to show in the second column and also check the box ( show values only from the second field )...

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          Put one on top of the other.  Make the id field based on a value list of Customer ID & Customer Name and enterable in browse mode.  Make the Customer name field only enterable in find mode.

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            There's a check box to select in Manage | Value list that hides the ID's from the first field when the value list deploys.

            If you select the option to use this value list as a pop up menu, radio buttons or check boxes, you will not see the ID number even when you are not selecting a value from this value list.

            For a drop down list, you will see the ID number once you exit the field. You can, however, hide this drop down list formatted field behind a name field that has Browse mode access blocked via a behavior setting in the Inspector.

            And other options are possible as demonstrated in "Adventures in FileMaking #2 - Enhanced Value Selection", where you'll find a more advanced way to hide the ID field as well as a way to use a "name only" value list to link records by ID - with full support for adding new records for values not in the list and handling cases where there are identical names.