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    Specify Output File dialog box



      Specify Output File dialog box


      FM 11 Adv. I don’t completely understand the Specify Output File dialog box in the Save A Copy As script step. The Output Path List contains the phrase “file:”. This is obviously not part of a Windows path name. Do I leave it in or do I remove it? I use script variables for the path and I notice that in some of my scripts if I leave it out, FM re-inserts it after the script runs! Other scripts don’t. Confusing!Cry

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          file is a relative path, which means, The path to a target file specified from the current database’s location. If the current database is opened remotely, the path starts from the local FileMaker Pro directory.

          It's recommend to use file to make a cross-platform path.


          You can search filemaker - google relative file path for more information.