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    specify source file



      specify source file


      I am using the script step: Insert File, Specify source file

      I am a MAC user. I did a "Find" in MAC to identify the path to open the file

      I typed in the path that the "Find" spelled out in the Specify source file window.

      I cannot get it to open even the first step of my path.

      There must be a trick that I do not know about.


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          With the specify source file window open, click the Add File button, find and select the file you want inserted.

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            I cannot choose the file. The "open" button within the Insert File window is grayed out. I also tried several other folders and it seems that I cannot choose anything.

            this is a just a folder on my hard drive.

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              Are you using Insert File in a script or from the Insert Menu?

              If you want to use the insert File option from the File Menu, enter browse mode, click or tab into a field of type container first. If you are using the script step for this action, you have specify a field of type container.

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                this is a script to allow me to insert a pdf into a container field. I want filemaker to open up the folder on my hard drive so that I can choose the pdf to insert into the container.

                I added a screen shot to the initial post

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                  Unfortunately, you can't specify a folder in Insert File. You can leave this parameter blank ( Insert File ( Reference ; MedicalExpeses::ImageA )  ) so that the user can use the open file dialog to find and insert the desired file.

                  Or you can specify a specific file in the Specify File dialog and it will be inserted without bring up a dialog box where the user can select the file. (If you check all the example formats for referring to a file, all of them end in "filename".)

                  There are File manipulation plug ins you can web search for if you want to check for ways that might allow you to specify a folder location for your script.

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                    thank you.