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    Specifying a date with regular English phrases



      Specifying a date with regular English phrases


           Is anyone aware of an existing custom function or script that would convert phrases (e.g. "a week from friday", "in 1 week", "a year from now") to dates ? I've searched every way I can think of, but havn't come up with anything.



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               Given the many different ways that you could compose such a phrase, that would be some custom function or script! I'm guessing that you might be able to do so by doing a substitution process that substituted function calls, field references and operators for keywords in the phrase, but unless you use some data entry design method--such as a value list, to constrain the number of possible ways the phrase might be constructed, the resulting code would be very complex.

               On the other hand, if you used a value list to restrict these phrases to a specific subset, you could simply set up a lookup system that replaced the phrase with a text expression that can be evaluated with the Evaluate function.