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    Specifying Data for Lookup



      Specifying Data for Lookup


      Hello, i'm developing a database for an afterschool program and I am having some issues. My problem is trying to import test scores from an online resiliency test. The data imported has a similar format to this.

      John Smith08/12/1992192 (student ID)test scoresDate taken (date)  
      John Smith08/12/1992192 test scoresDate taken ( late date  

      I need to look at the pre and post test scores and find whether or not they improved. I just don't know how to tell filemaker to search for which entry has an earlier date for pre test scores, and which one has a later for Post test scores. The program the grades everything must have been written in the 90's so i have no customization on that side. Also i'm using FileMaker Pro 13. So far i really like this program, i just wish i had like sql "select from where" statements 

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          You do have SQL Select statements in FMP 13. Take a look at the ExecuteSQL function (NOT the script step). And if you can use that function to return an ID or a list of ID's, you can then use that list in a relationship to pull up the full record or group of records.

          Is the only difference between a pre and post test, the date on which the test was taken?

          Have you imported the dates into date fields? (not text fields)

          You can easily use a relationship or a find to pull up all records with a given Student ID. These can be sorted by date so that the first record would (presumably) be the pre test and the second record would be the post test.