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specifying find request

Question asked by johnhorner on Dec 10, 2008
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specifying find request


i am trying to specify a find request as part of a script and was previously trying to place a field (or, more precisely, the contents of a field) into the criteria box without success (meaning that i was trying to have filemaker find records where the value in the selected target field matched the value in another field that happended to be a calculation field).  it is my understanding that whatever you enter into the "criteria" window" is merely treated as plain text in performing the find.  if this is the case, what is the purpose of the "insert symbol" button.  for example, i placed "==" (which is described as "field contect match" in the insert symbol list) but when i type "== fieldname" in the criteria, it simply places exactly that text "==fieldname" into the target field rather than placing the contents of "fieldname" into the target field for the purposes of the search so, naturally, no matching records are found.  how is this supposed to work?  does anyone know?  please advise... thanks!