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Speed problems...

Question asked by GeoffreyMartin on May 3, 2011
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Speed problems...


Hello all!

I have a database that has multiple containers (7) for each record.  The containers hold screen shots, which right now are bitmaps (4-5 Mb each).  That is the way the windows 'print screen' functionality saves them.  We trying to find a utility to capture the images as jpgs or some other compressed format.  We hadn't discovered this to be a problem until we put the DB file on a server as opposed to the local machine.  It now takes 4-5 minutes to load each record.  Not all of the containers are populated in each record.  The 4-5 minutes is with 3-4 containers populated.

So we figure that reducing the file size of the images will help this.  Would using the Filemaker Server platform speed this up?  We only have 4-5 users that would be using the DB at a time, and for that the sharing from within Filemaker Pro Advanced seemed appropriate.