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Speed question

Question asked by mattb on May 11, 2010
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Speed question


I have a screen which has a 200-record portal with a dropdown above it.  When the user selects a choice from the dropdown, it

triggers a script which stuffs one field in the table (the one showing in the portal) from the values of another field in the same table.

I'm using a Loop-End Loop statement which iterates 200 times that contains a Set Field command within it.  To stuff data into 200

fields and have them display in the portal takes about 4 seconds.  This seems kind of slow to me for the amount of data being handled. 

I tried substituting a Replace Field Contents script step for the Set Field and it took twice as long! 


I'm creating an OSX version (using FMP 11) of a commercial program written in Visual Foxpro for Windows.  In the Windows version,

I'm stuffing variable arrays for the same screen and the stuffing and displaying is nearly instantaneous.  But since FMP doesn't have arrays

per se, I seem to be stuck with the arrangement described above.  I tried forcing an index on the fields in question, but that doesn't seem

to make any difference.


Any tips on how to speed this up?  Thanks...




Matt Bloomfield